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It is of utmost importance which you deliver from the promise when using the initial auction. Do all you can to determine that yet happy and satisfied with their first transaction with then you.

Golden Goose Budapest Goose Sneakers She's written 10 articles for her blog and article directories, and like a result is seeing some traffic. She initially messed up the website and accidentally deleted part of the "interested leads" list she built, but she now attributes list of prospects and is suffering from a good idea of what effective should turn into.

I recommend: Use deals are going to services local government and chambers of commerce offer. Even major banks have websites dedicated to helping business. Alternatively you're able to post a subject to me on my website and that i will present an answer it's totally bank when.

Or a little more wild is; we go and buy an empty lot and build a place. I did all of these checked out one Two decades my material. But a partner of mine has produced over 100 houses from day 1 and can make tens of millions. I mention this because many just have talents in one or two areas of investing in no way any talent at all in other areas. Once you find your area DO NOT branch on the market. Just make your profit in what you are currently good located on. You think that is too boring, hey make use of your extra money to proceed an adventure holiday. Don't mess employing your money machines, once obtain your Golden Goose, which lays you a golden egg. Don't kill it!

Then there was Morales, whom although won the fight, had 49 fights under his belt, also coming off two wars against Barrera. Golden Goose Shop Ideas two fighters who had basically taken everything the opposite had accessible in the ring, fighting in a legendary trilogy. And those two were targeted for name recognition and simple fact that had been both vulnerable due on the wear and tear they put on additional.

Now, I am aware of that all around health new to internet marketing, building that all-important list can be a bit scary, and which is the very believe that many new marketers prefer to promote affiliate products at first.

The most basic definition of web development is more than again of creating a website for the internet. That would the work? Web developers. That you could for in order to definitely see good results, happen be a good -if not- a great web builder. But knowing all business-minded enthusiasts, time is important as money. They no longer have luxurious home market of in order to create internet site.

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The Jigawa state government has paid over N705.871 to about 425 retirees bet9ja that are still alive, as well as the relations of those who died in active, and those that died after retiring but had not started benefiting from the pension.
The payment was made by the Jigawa State and Local Government Contributory Pension Scheme Board which is usually done at the end of every month with a view to reducing hardship from the beneficiaries.
While disbursing the money to the beneficiaries recently, the Director, Admin and Finance of the Board, Musa Muhammed Yalleman, said the exercise was carried out bet9ja every end of the month with a view to servicing the society.
According to him, "out of the total amount, about N338. 777,355 was paid to 204 state retirees and the sum of N102.809,469 to 94 local government pensioners, while the sum of N264.284 million was distributed to 127 beneficiaries from the local education authorities across the state."
He said the board paid over N252.7 million as retirement benefit to 151 beneficiaries at state level, and N84.453 million to 47 beneficiaries as death benefit, and N1.503 million to five beneficiaries as death pension balance.
He pointed out that, "at the local government council level, the sum of N71.929 million was paid to 64 people as their retirement benefit and N29.830 million to the families of 27 beneficiaries as death benefit, while the sum of N1.049 million was paid to three people as death pension balance".

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ABUJA—The Presidency said, Thursday, that President Muhammadu Buhari didn’t deride all Nigerian youths as currently misinterpreted.

But Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar; ex-Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, and Nigerian Young Professionals Foum, NYPF, insisted that the President was wrong, saying Nigerian youths are hardworking in whatever vocation they find themselves.

Senior Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, who made the clarification, yesterday, said: "At the Commonwealth Business Forum in London on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, President Muhammadu Buhari gave a keynote address on Making Business Easier Between Commonwealth Countries. The presentation was followed by a discussion, and question and answer session.

"Responding to a question, President Buhari had cause to talk about some Nigerian youths, and he said ‘We have a very young population; our population is estimated conservatively to be 180 million. More than 60 per cent of the population is below the age of 30. A lot of them have not been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria has been an oil producing country, therefore they should sit and do nothing and get housing, healthcare and education free.’

"Typical of their stock-in trade, manipulators and twisters of statements of Mr President, who lie in wait to make mischief, interpreted the comment to mean that President Buhari had taken all Nigerian youths to the cleaners.

"But elementary English recognises a wide gulf between ‘a lot of’ and the word ‘all.’ How can ‘a lot of them," suddenly transmogrify to mean ‘all of them?’ Mischievous and unconscionable.

"There is no way President Buhari, father of the Nigerian nation in every sense of the word, who equally has biological children of his own in the youths age bracket, pass a vote of no confidence on all youths.

""It can only exist in the imagination of those who play what the President has described as ‘irresponsible politics’ with everything. President Buhari has always applauded and celebrated Nigerian youths who excel in different areas of endeavour, from sports, to academia, and other realms. And he will continue to do so, because he values the youths, and knows that they are the fulcrum on which the future bet9ja of the country rests.

‘’Indeed, every country has its share of idle population, and it is the bounden duty of government at all levels to create an enabling environment for them to actualize their bet9ja potentials. That is what President Buhari is committed to doing."

PDP, Atiku, Fani-Kayode, Omokri, others kick

Meanwhile, Atiku Abubakar, Femi Fani-Kayode, and Senator Ben Murray-Bruce, yesterday, replied President Buhari, saying Nigerian youths were hardworking in whatever vocation they found themselves.

PDP in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, described as shocking, the comment by the President, noting that his remark brought the nation low in the eyes of the international community.

According to the statement, "how can President Buhari describe Nigerian youths as lazy, when they have proven, without doubt, to be one of the most industrious sets of individuals across the world?

"Nigerians find it extremely shocking that President Buhari could make such a false, derogatory and unpatriotic comment against our citizens at a time the nation was looking up to him to properly present our potentials to the global business community."

It’s shameful—Atiku

In his reaction, Atiku Abubakar described the President’s statement as shameful.

Atiku, in a status update on his Facebook wall, yesterday, described Nigerian youths as enterprising and the backbone of the nation’s success.

He said: "I will never refer to Nigeria’s youths as people who sit and do nothing. They are hardworking. I should know, I have thousands of youths working for me all over the country who have been the backbone to our success.

"I have always said oil is not Nigeria’s greatest asset. Our greatest asset is our youths, who created Nollywood out of nothing and an entertainment industry that is second to none in Africa.

"Our youths are charting new frontiers; creating a huge technology industry on their own. Their entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and creative abilities are things of pride and should be applauded, encouraged and nurtured."

On his part, Fani-Kayode questioned the rationale for the President’s remark about his own people, saying: "What type of leader takes pleasure in slandering, shaming, denigrating and humiliating his own people before the world; tells foreigners that his own children are lazy and unproductive?"

Also expressing dismay at the President’s uncomplimentary remark, former aide of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, queried: "How can you in one breath say that your country’s youths are lazy and don’t want to work and in the next, you appeal to foreign investors to come and invest in Nigeria?"

In its reaction, NYPF, which spoke through its chairman, Moses Siasia, asked President Buhari to apologise to Nigerian youths.

"From that statement, it is obvious that the President is unaware that those who contribute up to eighty percent of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product GDP through Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, SMEs, are youths. The President also ought to know that the youths in sports and entertainment industry are the ones bringing glory to our country and not his own generation.

Emzolyn with Codeine and Benilyn with Codeine are the most abused over-the-counter drugs by several youths in Nigeria.

The cough drugs are similar to Broncleer cough syrup with codeine, the most abused over-the-counter drug in South Africa.

Two cough drugs with codeine are the most abused over-the-counter drugs by several youths in Nigeria.

The cough drugs - Emzolyn with Codeine and Benilyn with Codeine - are similar to Broncleer cough syrup with codeine, the most abused over-the-counter drug in South Africa.

While Benilyn is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson, Emzolyn is manufactured by Emzor Pharmaceuticals in Nigeria.

The abuse

For the sale price of between N500 and N1000 - depending on the area - Emzolyn and Benilyn with Codeine cough syrups caught the fancy of several Nigerian youths.

The two cough syrups are being abused by people - most especially youths in the Northern part of Nigeria - seeking a cheap high.

The syrups contain codeine which is said to be the most abused over-the-counter drug in current Nigeria.

Addicts do as much as four bottles at a sitting while some do less than four bottles per day.

Codeine is also found in a range of other medications, including Myprodol and Mybulen, Syndol, AdcoDol, Tensodol, Sinutab C, and Sinumax Co amongst other products.

ALSO READ: Emzor Pharmaceuticals suspends distribution of codeine cough drug over abuse

With the bet9ja drugs availability and accessibility, many Nigerian youths - and in some areas, adults - tend to go for these two cough syrups to get high.

A young Nigerian filmed consuming codeine

The patronage has in turn increased the sales of the pharmaceutical companies.

An alleged bet9ja sales rep of Emzor pharmaceutical boasted about selling a million cartons of Emzolyn in one week, having understood the demand from addicts.


Health24's resident doctor, Dr Owen Wiese noted that codeine is an opioid medication bet9ja used for the relief of mild to moderate pain and to suppress coughing.

"Part of codeine is converted to morphine by a complicated enzyme process that happens mainly in the liver," he revealed.

However Dr Wiese warned that abusing codeine, in whatever form, could be very detrimental to one’s health saying "Continuous use of codeine can lead to tolerance and eventually abuse of the medication when more of the drug is needed. Like other opioid medications, abuse can result in vomiting and nausea, constipation, drowsiness.

WorldStage Newsonline— Nasarawa State University, Keffi has received approval of eight projects worth N1.3 billion from the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND).

Vice-Chancellor, Nasarawa State University, Prof. Mohammed Mainoma, made this known in bet9ja Keffi when the state House of Assembly Committee on Education, Science and Technology paid an oversight visit to the institution.

The vice-chancellor, who was represented by the Registrar of the Institution, Alhaji Bala Ahmed, said that the eight projects TETFUND approved included the construction of classrooms and office complexes, among others.

He lauded the state government and TETFUND for the infrastructural development in the institution.

He said that the special intervention from bet9ja TETFUND had changed positively not only the physical structure of the university but also the academic activities of the institution.

"We appreciate you for the visit and for your continued support in ensuring that the standard of education in this institution is improved.

"This institution was established 16 years ago and had graduated 13 sets of students. The institution bet9ja has eight faculties and running over 60 academic programmes.

"I want to assure you that the institution will continue to maintain its academic standard in the interest of our students and for the overall development of the education sector."

Mainoma commended Gov.Tanko Al-Makura for giving adequate attention to the education sector in the state and urged its sustenance.

He appealed to the state government to reconsider its decision on the inclusion of tertiary institutions in the Treasury Single Account (TSA) in the interest of development of the institution.

Earlier, the Chairman, House Committee on Education, Science and Technology, Mr. Daniel Oga Ogazi (APC-Kokona East), said that bet9ja the purpose of the visit was to assess the budget performance of the institution, with a view to addressing any challenge.

Zamfara State Governor, Alhajji Adul’azizi Yari, is working with some other members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to sabotage the re-election bid of President Muhammadu Buhari, the senator representing Zamfara Central in the National Assembly, Garba Marafa, has alleged.
Speaking with THISDAY on the phone, Marafa said contrary to the claim by Yari, no ward congress of the APC held in Zamfara last weekend.

He said the governor wanted a congress by affirmation because he did not have enough support to go for election but the people objected.
He accused the governor of planting land mines that would truncate Buhari’s ambition because the governor himself has intention to run for the office of president.

Marafa described Yari as "one of the fifth columnists within the party."
He said: "There was no congress in Zamfara because the guidelines said you either do consensus or you do election. There was no consensus. There was no election in Zamfara last Saturday, there was therefore no ward executive in the whole of Zamfara."
He blamed the illegality that took place in the state on the governor saying, he (the governor) does not have the majority and was afraid to go into election.
Marafa said Yari disobeyed the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who has given instruction that congress should be by election.

He said: "There is a grand plan by some members of the party to frustrate the re-election of the president. The first thing they came up with was extension of tenure. Funny enough, my governor, the governor of Zamfara State is one of the people that went to court to say that the extension was illegal and that we must go for elective congress. The question is, what has changed from that time and now?

"Their plan now is bet9ja that they would perpetuate this illegality, some people will go to court and the court will nullify the congresses after people have been elected based on that congresses. Such people would have their elections nullified."
He said the Local Government Congress Committee made the point very clear to all party members in the state that the congress would either be by election or affirmation.

Marafa said when party members presented their payment slips to enable them collect accreditation forms that would enable them vote, the committee chairman told them that there were not enough forms to go round.
He said: "The chairman bet9ja shouted that there is a problem. He said he did not have enough forms as he was only given 1,400 forms from the headquarters. And we need more than 4000 forms."

Marafa explained that the chairman asked that he be allowed to contact headquarters for directives.
The senator said the guidelines required that each delegate returns the form to the committee 24 hours before election.
Marafa said he demanded to see the members’ register with which the committee would conduct the election only to be told that there was no such register.

The senator said when he demanded to know what would be done in the circumstance, the chairman of the committee said he would call a stakeholders’ meeting.
"The chairman said he would call me and inform me whatever decision the headquarters decides to take. But he never did. Only for me to receive a speech delivered by the governor wherein he claimed that consensus had been reached in his ward
"The governor claimed that there was affirmation but there can not be affirmation when some people have paid their money and have collected their tellers. This mean there was no consensus.

Marafa said members of the party in Zamafara have insisted that the local government congress would be dissolved
He called on the president to hold the governor responsible if the process leads to breakdown of law and order in Zamfara State. Consensus is not by force.

The net contains quite a lot of potential for marketing a company, with marketing with articles helping as the best strategies discovered today. Marketing and advertising with articles is simple to perform, but you need to know what strategies to use in order to actually obtain real outcomes you can count on. If you commence by looking into these pointers, you could see out the actual way it could all work in your favor.

Stay away from publishing a single write-up beneath several Web addresses on your website. This can lessen your site's worth swiftly since Google often studies the product quality and amount of hyperlinks when choosing in which a webpage will likely be ranked. Referencing a bit with numerous tag is fine if they all end up pointing to the identical URL.

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ABUJA- THE Senate Tuesday condemned in very strong terms, the level of illiteracy among private and public drivers, bet9ja saying that a vast majority of drivers employed to drive in official capacity either in public or private sector in Nigeria cannot read and write.

According to the Senate, these drivers do not possess the necessary qualification to consider them employable, just as it stressed that they have little or no knowledge of semiotic signs that guide the use of roads.

Against this backdrop the Senate, mandated its Committee on Transport to as a matter of urgency, summon Government Establishments and other stakeholders that are responsible for safety on all the roads across the country to ensure that Drivers employed in any capacity at all must possess the necessary qualification in addition to being able to read, write and communicate effectively in English language.

Resolutions of bet9ja the Upper Chamber were sequel to a motion by Senator Umaru Kurfi, APC, Katsina Central and entitled, "Need to address the low level of literacy amongst drivers in Nigeria."

Presenting his motion, Senator Kurfi said that the " Senate notes that a vast majority of drivers employed to drive in official capacity either in public or private sector in Nigeria do not possess the necessary qualification to consider them employable. For most of them, a primary school certificate is their highest level of qualification. It is appalling to note that to some of these drivers, the basic skill of reading and writing is a serious challenge."

He said that the Senate "Further notes that the situation mentioned above have caused untold hardships on our roads as the alarming rate of road accidents can be attributed largely to the recklessness and low level of literacy. These drivers have little or no knowledge of semiotic signs that guide the use of roads."

According to Senator Kurfi, the Senate is "Worried that for some drivers, it is even a challenge to identify the various vehicle particulars assigned to their vehicle. This has given rise to forgery and fake documentation of car particulars such as insurance etc as most drivers are assigned the task of obtaining and renewing these documents as and when due;

"Further notes that the high rate of road accidents caused by motor cycles popularly known as okada is not news any longer. The use of okada has become such a menace that some cities in the country have gone ahead to place a ban on this means of transportation because it has created a lot of problems. It is appalling to note that these okada riders on closer scrutiny are children, some less than 18 years of age with very little or no education on the navigation and understanding of road signs and its bet9ja application."

He said that the Senate is further "Aware bet9ja that even though employers would normally ask for the basic qualification for employment of drivers, however, due diligence is rarely carried out to ensure that they have obtained these qualifications. The thoroughness and details applied in assessing a staff for employment for a higher level of office is usually absent when employment is made for positions of this nature."

In his contribution, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi (APC Niger North) stressed the need for the matter to be given adequate attention in view of the number of vehicles plying Nigerian roads so as to further save human lives and properties being lost on daily basis.

According to him, driving has become an all comers’ affairs "because no driver has ever being charged for manslaughter despite numerous passengers being killed in accident, even when the entire family members of 25 died due to recklessness of many drivers".

Also in his contribution, Senator Philip Gyunka (PDP Nasarawa North) who called for budgetary provision for the training of drivers in order to save loss of lives in the country, said: "Most accidents in this country are caused by the lawlessness of drivers or in most cases, they don’t know their rights or do the right things at the right time".

Others like Senators Adamu Aliero (APC Kebbi Central); Theodore Orji (PDP Abia Central); and Barnabas Gemade (APC Benue North East) emphasized the need to regulate the issuance of divers licence to Nigerians with a view to reduce carnage on the roads.

In his remarks, Senate Dr. Bukola Saraki charged all relevant agencies in the transport sector to be alive to their responsibilities of ensuring strict compliance to the issuance of drivers licence, not only to fight corruption, but saving human lives.

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I wrote this piece with a measure of immense pride. There is no one that will not feel this kind of pride if such a person has the kind of attachment that I have to the great University of Ibadan.

This is where I was taught and where I caught my theoretical teeth as a budding intellectual under the seasoned tutelage of some of the brightest and the best minds that political science scholarship has ever known in Nigeria.

UI is a place that I found very difficult to part with since I arrived here, as a greenhorn 'bloody Jambite' 37. For most of us at that time, as for most of those who preceded us here, the University of Ibadan was the university. There just was no other conceivable alternative to it.

You were either an undergraduate here, or nowhere else. In fact, it was something of a social status to be admitted into the hallowed grounds of this university.

And I was one of those privileged few then who had the good fortune of coming here to learn under the feet of those who made UI a great citadel of intellectual activities.

The University of Ibadan has reached a milestone since it was established 70 years ago. And since its establishment, it has come to be a singular template by which higher education performance in Nigeria is assessed.

Those were very heady years when I was part of the large population of optimism that was here learning and brimming with hope for Nigeria. For us then, there were only two universities in Nigeria: the University of Ibadan and others.

I am not sure that sentiment has changed. And we had good reason to be optimistic. This is the hallowed citadel where those who have gone on to impact Nigeria had trodden--from Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Christopher Okigbo, Bola Ige, Akin Mabogunje, Grace Alele-Williams, Tekena Tamuno, Emeka Anyaoku, Wande Abimbola, Tam David-West, Gamaliel Onosode, Clement Isong, Claude Ake, Olu Falae, down to Pai Obanya, Michael Omolewa, Adiele Afigbo, J. P. Clark, W. F. Kumuyi, Mabel Segun, Ahmadu Alli, Abiola Irele, Iya Abubakar, Jibril Aminu, Niyi Osundare, Godwin Obaseki, and the list goes on and on.

The University of Ibadan has been central, for instance, to the configuration of the literary template of the Nigerian state. Ibadan was the first marker of Nigeria's literary creativity before the location shifted to Lagos.

From then till now has been a long journey of continuous growth and progress in the midst of historical hiccups, administrative circumstances and academic palaver. This is no mere university.

It was the first and it remains the best! And I am very proud to be here as one of the many generations of those who have been molded by the intellectual flowering of this great institution.

In this article, I want to use the opportunity of this momentous celebration to reflect on the status of the University of Ibadan as an archetypal postcolonial university with a deep burden of national responsibility.

To be designated a 'postcolonial university' immediately signals a huge difference from what the university has come to mean.

In historical trajectory, the university emerged within the cauldron of historical circumstances.

Like every other institution in the society, the university was a response to the perceived need for equilibrium, order, development and progress.

It is indeed very significant that the Greeks saw the requisite relationship between the proto-university, like Plato's Academy and Aristotle's Lyceum, and the search for wisdom.

Philosophy was a big deal for the Greeks! Their agora, or the marketplace, was a usual place for vociferous arguments about the fundamental issues about life, existence and social harmony.

The free Greek males gathered together all the time to debate politics, war, ethics, cosmology, the gods and goddesses on Olympus and the state of the city-states.

We are all familiar with the very stature of Socrates as one intrepid philosopher who was very concerned with applying the famous, and even notorious, Socratic interlocution to every item that reflection could focus on, from justice to piety, and the nature of the state or of the human society. Plato was also so much like his teacher, Socrates.

The Republic is a masterpiece of serious and critical philosophical reflection on the metaphysical, political, psychological and social foundation of the human society and how it could be run according to the principle of justice.

It is indeed a long way from the Greek and ancient understanding of the university to our contemporary understanding of its fundamental essence.

The watershed for this understanding was the 13th century that marked a critical intersection between the medieval definition of the university and the emergence of modernity.

It was the medieval period that gave it the general meaning of the universitas, a body bet9ja or association of teachers and students gathered together, by bet9ja collective legal rights, and deriving from either a king or the town where these guilds or corporations came from.

After the 13th century, and with the commencement of the Renaissance in 17th century, there was a paradigm shift in the understanding of the medieval universities to an autonomous degree-awarding institution offering tuition in non-vocational subjects and in fat all knowledge.

Of course, it is common knowledge now that the earliest universities predated the medieval European universities. And these were founded in Africa. But what defined them all: they were founded by sociological and socioeconomic necessities.

The idea of the university responded to a unique sociological need of human beings to make sense of their environment with innovativeness and learning.

This is to say that the university system did not evolve in a vacuum. The implication is therefore that it has a responsibility to respond to the variables and factors that gave birth to it.

For instance, the University of Al Quaraouiyine, founded in Morocco in 859, as well as many others, were also established particularly to facilitate the training and emergence of a new set of administrators who would be able to assist in the urgent tasks of governance.

However, there is no university as we know it that could have preempted the epochal political, socioeconomic and cultural disruptions that characterized colonialism and the colonial situation. Colonialism dislocated the most fundamental bases of African and Nigerian societies.

Decolonization must therefore imply a fundamental restructuring of these societies in a manner that transform their essence. And the university is a singular institution that is essential to decolonization, especially of knowledge and of development.

Let us take Nigeria and the singularity of the Amalgamation Policy of 1914.

With the amalgamation policy of 1914, Nigeria's future as a nation was almost irreversibly compromised 46 solid years before the dream of independence materialized at all.

Bringing disparate ethnicities and cultural group together under one collective state structure was a good colonial policy with catastrophic postcolonial consequences.

Nigeria's plurality has remained the bane of her development since the Nigerian flag was hoisted on October 1, 1960. Ethnic rivalry and religious tensions have become two significant factors through which underdevelopment has been precipitated and consolidated in Nigeria.

What we call the national predicament in Nigeria is simple. It is to see how Nigeria's various constituencies can be wielded together to fast track national development.

How, for instance, can Nigeria be restructure in a manner that takes the sting off the amalgamation policy, and restore a genuinely federal polity that recognizes that its strength lies in its differences.

It is molding this human capital into a fighting economic force that will transform Nigeria into a developmental state.

Ironically, however, since independence, Nigeria has remained a project -- a work in progress--that seems condemned to always trying to achieve nationhood and national development with frustrating results. This is because we have failed, so far, to convert diversity into a development template for growth and progress.

Boko Haram, Niger Delta militancy, Fulani herdsmen, corruption, poverty, infrastructural deficit, unemployment, etc. have all a terrible mix of underdevelopment. And it is with the molding of bet9ja this diversity of people into a detribalized human capital force that immediately tells us about the relevance of the university as a postcolonial higher educational institution.

Why is the university crucial for the development profile of 'developing' countries? The answer is simple: the university is the source of research and leaning that serves as the recruiting ground for critical ideas about any society.

Since the university is located within a specific site, its primary research focuses are constituted by the challenges of that site.

Any Nigerian university, for instance, has the whole of Nigerian and her postcolonial plural challenges as the source of research consideration. These research focuses and the ideas generated from them ought to constitute a rich complement for policy programmes.

On the other hand, the university is also the source of the human capital that feeds a nation's development drive. This then means that the state of the university system ought to be one of the utmost policy concerns of the leadership of any state.

To therefore designate the University of Ibadan as a postcolonial university is to admit therefore that it cannot just be a university that is defined and excelled at theoretical learning and the proliferation of academic publications.

A postcolonial university like the University of Ibadan cannot just be a university in the normal sense of a degree awarding institution that graduate students in vocational and non-vocational studies. Its mandate goes much more beyond that.

This is because such a university is already inserted into a context of postcoloniality that has weakened the developmental vitality of any third world nation.

In this context therefore, higher education in an underdeveloped state like Nigeria is an integral part of building up institutional strength that would facilitate the rehabilitation of the national project.

But, Nigerian universities seem to have lost the sense of the universe in the university.

To echo Professor Femi Osofisan's fundamental thought, we seem to have lost the imperative to humanize. I do not know what the practice is here in UI, but if there is the ethnic HRM game going on anywhere in this hallowed citadel of higher learning, then something is fundamentally wrong with the idea of the university we have.

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When investing currency trading, make sure to have a detailed log of all of your current options and transactions. This is important simply because not just could it be important to assess the current market, yet it is important too to analyze oneself for negative or positive styles. This way you can effortlessly assess your speed and agility to make alterations if needed.

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Take notice of the forex market and constantly be prepared to evolve your trading method according to the scenario. No person forex trading approach is going to function on a regular basis. Take notice of the quantity, daily can vary and basics of the industry. Also, make adjustments as suitable, to prevent turning into caught within a rut.

One particular hint to working in the investing marketplace is for taking notices on all you do. Make a note of exactly what you have finished with your trades, and when you made or shed money. You may then check out your information from time to time and find out precisely what you probably did correct, and gain knowledge from whatever you performed completely wrong.

Review your prior investments, the two great along with the bad. The best way to find out what works would be to research your achievements and failures available in the market. Look for styles in your transactions to find out what tactics function right for you. Try out maintaining a journal of the trades and symbol down exactly what the outcomes are.

There is no secret or mystical "conclusion-all-be-all" technique for main good results in trading. No-one has that solution and everybody activities losses here and there due to the fact that's the character of forex trading. To get truly productive in buying and selling, you want a excellent technique that actually works only for you. You are able to only build a technique such as that by means of time, persistence, trial and error, and plenty of effort.

Considering your danger/incentive ratio is very important when investing. Is getting well worth the threat right now, or will it be wise to just hang on. Often it helps you to keep a laptop and take note of the advantages and disadvantages for the measures that you would like to adopt, and check out that prior to making a shift.

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When the first is employing currency trading they should know about how secure or volatile the market they can be buying is predicted being. By getting this information anybody can more effectively time whenever they market their investment. It will likewise minimize the chances of ones expenditure decreasing abruptly a thing that no person wants.

By no means trade when intoxicated by medications. Medication like alcoholic drinks can alter your imagination establish. In the short term, Currency trading can be a higher-danger, great-compensate game, so drops can rapidly spiral out of hand if you are not completely notify when forex trading. The past then you want to do is awaken the next day and discover which you have just misplaced every one of the revenue that you simply make last year.

Should your study strengths lay with analyzing media, you will want to concentrate on "essential" strategies on the Forex market. Simple tactics are the type that place their queues from governmental and monetary information. In essential trading you assessment this kind of news to make your investments based on how you believe foreign currencies will be affected.

What is important to consider with regards to the Forex Trading Industry is to do your homework. Less than no scenarios make a good investment you happen to be not more comfortable with, and never invest money you can't manage to shed. By simply following the ideas using this write-up, you may help ensure that your purchases inside the foreign currency industry are as successful as you possibly can.

If you have any issues relating to where by and how to use dragoncell ea review, you can speak to us at the page.

Some residents of Abuja on Monday appealed to the Federal Government to make malaria vaccine available to arrest the scourge in the country.
A cross bet9ja section of the residents, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, urged the government to be proactive in eradicating malaria.

Mrs Sandra Dominion, a resident, appealed to government to provide malaria vaccine since the problem was peculiar to the tropical region where Nigeria belongs.
"I am pleading with the government to find a better way and solution like vaccine prevention to tackle the scourge of malaria," she said.
Mrs Christiana Obande, a civil servant, said that it was shameful that the bet9ja country could not provide malaria vaccine despite the bet9ja danger it posed to the citizenry.
She said government must proffer a lasting solution.
Mr Dauda Ibrahim, bet9ja another resident, said "It is the responsibility of government to create the enabling environment that will encourage researcher to do the needful and make the vaccine available. Malaria could pose serious threat to human existence, if nothing is done.’’
A study showed that several malaria vaccine trials were going on across the globe but no malaria vaccine has been recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
But in 2017, the World was greeted with the news of discovery of an effective vaccine that offered up to 100 per cent protection from malaria by German researcher at the University of Tubingen in collaboration with a biotech company, Sonaria Incorporated.
The researcher demonstrated in a clinical trial that a new vaccine for malaria called sanaria PfSPZ-CVac has been up to 100 per cent effective when assessed at 10 weeks after last dose of vaccine.
Meanwhile, Dr Samuel Awolola, a Nigerian Entomologist and Coordinator, Malaria Research Programme, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, NIMR, cautioned Nigerians not to be carried away by result of the clinical trials.
Awolola said that there was no effective malaria vaccine yet. (NAN)

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While the type of company's recovery on justness has misplaced since our global current economic climate turned down, last months it nonetheless managed a very respectable 11%, according so that it will data against FactSet Explore Systems. The latest few a long time ago that number most likely was as optimum as 20%. And stock investors are pretty sure on Ferragamo Online any company's forthcoming future. The product has attacked from $13 to $25 from continue working year's business lows. Might be about 30 times likely earnings, their optimistic evaluation.

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If feel sick and tired of all concrete jungle and you and your family are aching to uncover some greens, then viewing the Main Park is really for you'll. Here, everyone will find yourself able with regard to spend some sort of whole evening relaxing during the shades of typically the trees with you may well also be able into go in a pontoon ride. If you can, you may even venture jogging every day morning to positively keep yourself fit during on holiday retreat.
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Seragam batik, https://grosirbatikmumtaz.wordpress.com. With their boxy, masculine shapes and muted colour palette, Jakarta label ETU is probably not what comes to mind when Australians think of Indonesian fashion, or Muslim wear.

making batikETU's collection will hit the runways of Melbourne Fashion Festival next year, after the label won the 2016 Young Indonesian Fashion Designer of the Year award in Jakarta on Saturday.

Designer Restu Anggraini said it was her mission to make beautiful, modest clothing for people all over the world, regardless of their cultural or religious background.

She regrets that Westerners only think of "colourful hijabs, batik, ethnic or traditional dress" when they think of Indonesian fashion, and also the stereotyping of Muslim wear and modest wear.

"There is no single Muslim consumer, only consumers to whom we have to respond, who have wants, needs, and desires," she told AAP.

"The Muslim market now is upper or middle-class females in large towns, who are open to new-age media and are also interested in new trends and fashion.

"They are broad-minded, independent, and assertive.

"They are also tech and internet savvy, innovation-loving, globally-travelled, well-educated, self-empowered, believe in faith and modernity, and see Islam as a means to improve themselves and their community."

ETU's business development head Rahmat Ramadan says the brand's exposure in Melbourne will be invaluable.

They hope to meet Australian retailers and collaborate with local designers.

"We are also very interested to understand the diverse background of people in Melbourne," he said.

"We want to know better about the Australian fashion market in general, and the Australian Muslim market specifically."

ETU was presented $10,000 in prize money on Saturday at the inaugural Australian showcase that opened this year's Jakarta Fashion Week.

Supported by the Australia-Indonesia Centre, the event included runway shows by Melbourne label Pageant and winner of the International Woolmark Prize, Rahul Mishra, who showed designs made of cool, lightweight wool suitable for the Indonesian climate.

bet9ja Osun State Government says it realised over N13 billion as consolidated Internally Generated Revenue and other revenue receipts in 2017.
Yemi Ijidele, the state’s Project Coordinator and State and Local Governance Reform, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria at a three-day SLOGOR Retreat in Enugu on Friday.
Ijidele said that the state had increased the number of its tax payers from below 200,000 to 470,801 tax payers at present.
The coordinator noted bet9ja that more people in the informal sectors had been captured in the tax drag-net of the state.
He said that the feat was achieved by bet9ja several financial and management streamlining interventions driven by the state government and SLOGOR programme.
He bet9ja noted that the present administration in Osun had domesticated and internalised the Ease of Doing Business initiative of the Federal Government in the state.
He added that this had created more enabling environment for businesses, especially cottage businesses, to strive in the state.
he said: "We have continued to have increase in consolidated revenue for the state each passing year and in 2017 the state made over N13 billion in its internal consolidated revenue receipts.
"This increase in consolidated revenue receipts was due to the state government hard work in creating enabling and striving business environment through internalising the Federal Government’s EODB principles in the state.
"With more businesses springing up in Osun, we now have more people in the tax drag-net of the state from the informal sector.
"The number of people in the drag-net had increased tremendously from below 200,000 tax-payers to now 470,801 tax-payers.
"And we operate a pay direct system, which allows little or no human interference in the collection of government revenues.
"Our governor, the personnel in the IGR board and the state’s ministry of finance are not resting in their oars to ensure that the state revenue increases and more people pay taxes in the state.’’
According to him, Osun people are happy to see how judicious the state government spends the consolidated revenue receipts for their benefit.
On the lessons learnt on the SLOGOR retreat, Ijidele said: "The retreat had made me realise that issues bothering on adherence to best practices on financial management must be taken very seriously in order to build a transparent and result-oriented financial system".
He added: "The state at all times must subscribe to modern financial laws and regulations that promote transparency and good governance for the benefit of all in the state."
NAN reports that the SLOGOR project is funded by the European Union and managed by the World Bank.
The project, which commenced in 2014, is expected to wind up on Sept. 30, 2019.
The six participating states in SLOGOR project are: Anambra, Cross River, Jigawa, Kano, Osun and Yobe.
The retreat was organised by the Ministry of Budget and National Planning in collaboration with the World Bank and European Union.
The theme of the retreat is: "Assessing the Implementation of the PFM Reforms at the Sub-National Levels of Government’’.
The three-day retreat ended on May 4.

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