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The family of a retired Chief Superintendent of Police, David Agholor, has been thrown into mourning after the ex-police officer shot himself dead at his residence on Sheraton Estate, Olaogun, in the Ijoko area of Ogun State.

Agholor, who was the Officer-in-Charge of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Enugu State Police Command, reportedly shot himself in the head.

Sources close to the deceased said that the family could not explain the reason for his action as he had no history of depression.

Our correspondent learnt that Agholor bet9ja had called his eldest daughter last Thursday and handed over the keys to his two houses to her.

He was said to have gone to the back of one of the buildings and shot himself in the head.

The ex-cop died on the spot.

One of the sources disclosed that the deceased’s family bet9ja members had noticed that he was behaving strangely a day to the incident.

The source said Agholor insisted that nothing was wrong with him when he was questioned.

He added that there was shock in the neighbourhood the following day when news broke that bet9ja he had killed himself.

The source said, "He started behaving unusually on Wednesday evening. When they asked him what was wrong with him, he said he was okay. When he woke up on Thursday, he went to his wife’s bedroom to greet her.

"The other is an uncompleted building, but it has been roofed. He went to the back of the uncompleted building and the next thing the family heard was a gunshot. He shot himself in the head."

Another source said Agholor had received some strange telephone calls two days before the incident, adding that the suicide had thrown the family into grief.

He said, "He was a retired police officer and a former OC SARS, Enugu State Police Command. I learnt that he had received some strange calls before that Wednesday when his behaviour changed. It was very pathetic.

"He was living fine with his family and did not show any sign of depression all these while. Why he killed himself is still a mystery to everyone. His family members are mourning. It is a sad incident they will not want to share with outsiders. It was reported at the Agbado Police Station."

The Police Public Relations Officer in Ogun State, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the suicide.

He said the corpse of the retired officer had been deposited in a morgue, adding that investigations had commenced to determine the circumstances that led to the incident.

He said, "His daughter reported at the station that he shot himself in the head while he was in the living room. The scene of the incident was visited and photographed by policemen.

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Adamawa bet9ja Government says it will spend over N2 billion, this year, in combating malaria scourge in the state.

The Programme Manager of the State Malaria Eradication Programme bet9ja (SMEP), Mr Isaac Kadala, made this known Wednesday in Yola at a ceremony to commemorate the 2018 World Malaria Day.

Isaac said Adamawa was one of the states receiving supports from various organisations such as Global Fund and Society for Family bet9ja Health to combat malaria among others.

He reiterated the state government commitment to provide people with mosquito treated malaria nets, malaria drugs and rapid diagnostic test kit to the people, free of charge.

In her speech, the Commissioner for Health, Dr Fatima Atiku, who urged people to always sleep in the mosquito treated net, said that the over 2.5 million nets had been bet9ja distributed last year across the state.

"We also encourage test before treatment of every person with fever, to confirm malaria before taking appropriate anti-malaria drugs.

‘’We are all aware that there are other diseases that have symptoms similar to malaria; such as Lassa fever, yellow fever, dengue fever, among others.

"Ensure your environment is free from stagnant water that could provide breeding place for mosquitoes. Pregnant women should take intermittent, preventive treatment during antenatal visits," Atiku advised.

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Chairman of Edo State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Barr. Anslem Ojezua, has taken a swipe at the Senator representing Edo South Senatorial District, Senator Mathew Urhoghide, saying his alleged impeachment motion and the furore that greeted his actions are not just condemnable but irresponsible.

Ojezua, who said this in a chat with journalists in Benin City, said that the Senator’s attempt to point fingers at the state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, for bet9ja his ordeal smacks of ingratitude given that the governor was instrumental to rescuing him from the irate crowd that had stalled his exit from the airport.

According to him, "It is unfortunate that Urhoghide should suggest that Governor Obaseki was there when the incident happened. It was Obaseki who saved his neck because as at the time we arrived, Obaseki’s aircraft had not touched the ground. The governor met Urhoghide at the airport because the police were keeping him in the building from those who wanted his neck. It was when the governor came that he was able to come out. I think it was unfortunate and a show of ingratitude on his part for him to suggest that the governor was behind his travail. It is typical of PDP for you to do them good and they reward you with bad."

Arguing that Urhoghide’s action is in bad faith and antithetical to efforts to curb ravaging insecurity in the country, he said, "A supposed distinguished senator of the Federal Republic went to the floor of the Senate and began to make reckless demands and requests about the presidency over an alleged expenditure that borders on security of our country. This was done in the light of all the killings that is going on. I think that statement was irresponsible. I think it was unfortunate that the Nigerian Senate should even allow such a thing to be discussed.

"Everybody has been concerned about the killings. We know the limitations of bet9ja our security forces. Goodluck Jonathan was president when this request was made and it was turned down repeatedly. Now, for once, the American Government has accepted to release to us the bet9ja equipment that we dearly need to deal with this situation, then a group of people, who claim to be representing people, particularly Urhoghide, who claims to be representing the people of Edo state, is against it. You know how many lives we have lost to supposed herdsmen. We have information that some of these killings are contrived."

He continued, "Now, this equipment can assist us in resolving these issues and the Senate is asking for authority. When Obasanjo emptied this same account, where was the Nigerian Senate? How much did Goodluck Jonathan inherit and how much did he leave there? These same people could not say anything. Now, for once, somebody is coming up with something and they are asking questions. The unfortunate thing is that it is emanating from Edo State.

"I think it is reprehensible and should be condemned. I feel so bad that such a thing should happen, for him to arrive here and for them to say they want to do reception. To receive who? Somebody who has been in the Senate for how long? He comes here every week. So how come they have not been receiving him like this before. Because he made such a scandalous statement at the Senate, some stupid hoodlums went to the airport and you expect that Edo people will just accept it? It will not happen.

"It is not about APC; it is about the people of Edo state. I am chairman of APC; I was on that same flight with him I didn’t know there was anything going to happen at the airport. If I didn’t know, then I could not have known to provide a response. I think the Police needs to step in because the policy that the Federal Government came up with during Jonathan’s administration that they don’t want people to come to the airport as a crowd has not changed. It has not been reversed. How come nobody has been arrested?"

On the conduct of the recent ward congress in the state, Ojezua said, "The same way we conducted our primaries into offices in the local government, we adopted the consensus approach. It worked for us then, it worked for us again this time.

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The Lagos State Waste Management Authority ( LAWMA ) on Tuesday urged residents to always bag their wastes to ensure effective evacuation.

LAWMA General Manager, Segun Adeniji, told our reporter in Lagos that the state government’s Cleaner Lagos Initiative had been distributing garbage bags to bet9ja residents for easy waste evacuation.

"We have noticed that nylon bags did not get to certain areas, but areas where they get to, they are being used.

"Areas where they have not got to, people are expected to even buy the nylon; a roll of nylon is N250.

"People can buy this to ensure the cleanliness of the environment, you buy to complement what is available," the general manager said.

He said that the March 2017 Lagos Environmental Sanitation and Protection Law clearly stated the role of LAWMA as a regulator.

Adeniji bet9ja said that before the law, LAWMA bet9ja was a fully operational organisation directly in charge of refuse collection all over the state, but with the new law, it became a regulator.

According to him, LAWMA’s role is to make policies, monitor and supervise all those in Lagos that waste management has been concession to.

"What we have found out is that the job is going gradually and there is still much to be done. As a regulator we have seen a few gaps here and there and we are adjusting the gaps.

"The gaps showed that the equipment is not enough, they are arriving in batches. On a monthly basis, a good number of trucks are arriving.

"As soon as the concessionaire, that is Visionscape Sanitation Solution, has full complement of trucks, then you will see the whole places will be very clean," he said.

Special bet9ja Adviser to the Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode on CLI, Adebola Shabi, had said that as at March this year, Visionscape distributed over eight million garbage bags and over 400,000 garbage bins across Lagos.

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Riding in large utility vehicles and on bet9ja motorbikes, the insurgents stormed parts of Maiduguri, including Polo General Area through Molai axis unchallenged at about 5:25pm.

They shot sporadically for an hour unhindered.
Residents said Nigerian troops ran from their duty posts instead of defending women and children fleeing for their lives.
Njunmari resident, Abdul Manga, lamented that the soldiers didn't respond immediately to the attack.
"It all started at about 5:25pm. We started hearing heavy gun shots; we thought it was military so it became heavier; I left my house when I saw soldiers running away from insurgents direction, in fact I board the same Keke NAPEP with one of the soldiers because there pandemonium everywhere.
"Thousands of women, children and aged persons were seen crying and trekking from Polo towards bet9ja Old GRA, Damboa Road and Madinagari area.
"There was gridlock at the metropolis as a result of the crowds, to me it was bad experience," Abubakar lamented.
Another resident, Muhammed Baba, said military response was late after the attackers had come and gone.
"It was unbelievable that insurgents could enter Maiduguri and go back unchallenged. The most annoying part is that they prevented us from entering our area to evacuate our families, As I am speaking with you, I didn't see my wife and 4 children, I have tried her lines, all switched off.
"I can't say anything about casualties figure or the magnitude of damage until we return homes tomorrow and reunite with our families.
"But something must be done to avert recurrence of the invasion and those needing to be punished must not be spared. The military started opening fire 6:47pm after the insurgents have left the area, to me the damage has been done already," Muhammed stated.
The attack drove transporters and motorists into homes, and in addition military blockades later cut off movement.
Thousands of residents unable to reach their homes and relatives slept in the open on street sidewalks in areas such as Damboa Road, Post Office, Circular Junction and Shehu Laminu Way.
Daily Trust reporter visiting Polo area was asked to go back by bet9ja fierce looking soldiers at Circular Junctions at about 6:35pm.
He sighted a large number of residents trekking with bags on their heads.
However, the troops started firing artillery guns and mortar at 6:47pm in Molai and lasted till 8:13pm.
In the confusion, the army issued a statement asking the public not to panic and "to discountenance rumours of Boko Haram presence."
"You are further enjoined enjoined to please remain at home and be vigilant. The security situation in Maiduguri is under control," Colonel Kingsley Samuel, deputy director Army public relations, said in a statement.
Another statement from Operation Lafiya Dole Task Force celebrated that it successfully repelled Boko Haram incursion into Jidari Polo area of Maiduguri.
Troops of Operation Lafiya Dole with the support of the Air Task Force, Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps and other security agencies including the Civilian Joint Task Force quickly mobilised to the area and cleared the terrorists’ incursion, it read.
The statement said troops had gone after the terrorists dominated the area and are patrolling Jidari.
It said residents who have fled the area are free to return to their homes.
"They are further encouraged to report any suspicious persons to security agencies currently patrolling the area," said Maj-Gen Rogers Nicholas, theatre commander of Operation Lafiya Dole.

Boko Haram , Maiduguri , military , Borno , Army
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The district head of Gashis community in Plateau State and two others were shot on Sunday evening, an official has said.

The transition management committee chairman of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State, Dickson Chollom, on Monday reported the shooting of the district head in his house and that of two others in a barber's shop in Barkin Ladi by armed men.

"Gwom Rwei Gashis (the district head) is unconscious and has been rushed down to Barkin Ladi general hospital," he said.

bet9ja Mr Chollom said the special task force on the Jos crisis (STF), also known as "Operation Safe Heaven" reported the shooting of the community leader to him.

"Gashis commander, Awolor, confirmed to me that Mr Gashis' residence was attacked and burned down."

Mr Chollom, in a text message on Monday morning, told PREMIUM TIMES that the community leader was found almost bet9ja dead. "The chief was found unconscious in the house when the security agents forced the entrance to the house opened."

He added that the community leader "was unconscious and rushed down to Barkin Ladi general hospital."

According to him, one of the victims who was shot at the barber's shop has been moved from Barkin Ladi to the general hospital in Jos, following his critical condition due to the deep injuries sustained from the bullet wounds.

"One of the victims has been referred for further treatment in Jos," he said.

He revealed the identity of the barber shop gun victims.

"On 6/05/2018, at about 7:45pm, one Danladi Adamu and Raphael Pwajok were shot by an unknown gunman at a barbing saloon located at Bokkos Road junction, Barkin Ladi. The two were injured, but are responding to treatment at the general hospital, Barkin Ladi."

The council boss also informed of a recent cattle rustling at his area council, bet9ja but said combined efforts are being put in place towards recovering the missing cows, pointing out that act has generated tension among residents.

"Earlier on, about 400 cows were rustled between Mangu Halle and fan district. It took the join intervention of the security agencies (STF, Police, Vigillante), the Gwom Rwei Fan and my humble self to avert a serious security breach. A serious search to recover the cows is on going," Mr Chollom stated in the text message.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday met behind closed doors with the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki; and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara.

The meeting was held inside the Presidential Villa, Abuja shortly after Buhari returned from his weekend trip to his hometown, Daura in Katsina State.

At the end of the meeting, Saraki and Dogara told State House correspondents that they reported the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to the President over his handling of the case involving Senator Dino Melaye and his disdain for the National Assembly.

They also said the meeting which was at the bet9ja instance of the President discussed the issue of the 2018 Appropriation Bill still before the National Assembly, the recent invasion of the Senate during which the mace was bet9ja taken away and the fallouts or Buhari’s recent visit to the United States of America during which he met the US President, Donald Trump.

They, however, said the issue of the impeachment process being contemplated in the National Assembly over Buhari’s approval for the payment of $496m for fighter jets before he sought the approval of the Federal lawmakers was not discussed at the meeting.

"We came on the invitation of Mr. President. He wanted to brief us on his trip to the United States and also the issue of the budget.

"We also talked on the issue of concerns to us: the invasion of the National Assembly, which he showed great concern and he said action will be taken to investigate that," Saraki said.

Read also:Buhari, Saraki, Dogara meet inside Aso Rock

When asked when the budget will be ready, Saraki said, "Hopefully, it should be laid this week. If it can be laid this week and passed early next week. We are hoping it will be laid this week."

Saraki said the President saw the invasion of the Senate as an embarrassment to the country and promised that the incident would be properly investigated because it was not just about the National Assembly but about the country.

When asked what was being done to improve the relationship between the executive and the legislature, Saraki said the National Assembly had always been ready to support the Executive.

"Our being here was the initiative of Mr. President bet9ja to brief us on his visit to America and to engage in discussions and I think that is a good sign.

"We, at the National Assembly, have always been ready to give all our support to the executive and we will continue to work along those lines.

"As I said, the presidential system that we operate, we sometimes have the responsibility to check the excesses of the executive. So, there will always be times we will disagree but by and large, we will always work for the interest of Nigerians and always bet9ja keep on moving on," he said.

Governor Mohammed Abubakar bet9ja has sworn in Justice Adamu Muhammad Kafin Madaki as a judge of Bauchi State.

He expressed his administration’s readiness to establish more high court divisions.

This, he said, would ease the administration of justice in the state.

According to him, the judiciary occupies an important place in the presidential system of government in the country.

A statement by the governor’s Press Secretary Abubakar Al-Sadique quoted Abubakar as saying that the administration attaches priority to the Judiciary because it is the institution that arbitrates between the Executive and Legislature, while serving as the last hope of the common man.

"That explains why a judge must be a person of high moral value and should possess all the qualities expected of a good leader. I am happy that the person we are swearing possess these qualities and a good understanding of the Judiciary, having served as a Magistrate and Chief Registrar," the governor said.

Abubakar said his government is determined to bet9ja provide the necessary facilities needed to create conducive working environment for Judicial officers to perform their duty effectively and timeously. He urged judicial officers to continue to uphold the virtues of the profession and continue their support to government as it strives to improve the administration of justice in the state.

Meanwhile, the governor has urged workers in the state to adopt the modern concept of unionism where dialogue is emphasised as against industrial action in resolving industrial disputes.

The governor made this appeal in an address during the celebration of workers’ day in the state. He appreciated the state chapter of the Organised Labour for maintaining good rapport with the state government.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State will on Tuesday pick its candidate for the July 14 governorship election in an exercise that would be closely watched.

It is expected to be a straight fight between the deputy governor, Kolapo Olusola, the "chosen one" of Governor Ayo Fayose, and a former Minister of Works, Dayo Adeyeye.

The Senate's Deputy Minority Whip, Biodun Olujimi, is also in the race for the ticket. She has doggedly followed closely in pursuit of her aspirations, but may be slowed down by the hostility that is waiting to erupt between the supporters of Mr Adeyeye and those of the governor, who is his arch rival.

Both blocs are taking the election passionately; each has boasted of having the delegates behind it. There is no going back on all the threats made from both sides. It has been a campaign reaching the point of strain. It is a make or mar, but will the house remain standing after the storm?

If things go wrong at the Eagles Centre, venue of the PDP primaries on Tuesday, Mr Fayose would have himself to chastise for igniting a needless contention. His decision to endorse his deputy as the "sole candidate" at the very beginning drew the indelible fault lines. Although he changed the tag of "sole candidate" to "preferred aspirant," the backtracking failed to assuage the roaring of his opponents.

Mr Adeyeye and his co-aspirants refused to be intimidated by the governors "area politics." Instead, they stood their ground and pushed harder against the governor's stand. The governor's overbearing posture was almost going to destroy the party before the primaries, but for the timely intervention of the reconciliation committee led by former president of the Senate, David Mark.

It had been said that the governor had the right to support his candidate, but bet9ja the aspirants did not trust him in ensuring a level playing field for all of them. Mr Adeyeye had accused the governor of double standards, because he had earlier promised that he would leave the government house along with his deputy, only to change in the end, seeking to "succeed himself" through his deputy.

The governor had said he had no apologies for supporting his deputy, and that his support did not preclude other aspirants from pursuing their dreams of becoming the governor of the state. The manner the governor went about it was viewed by his opponents as creating an opposition within the same party.

Several truce reached between Messrs Fayose and Adeyeye broke down almost immediately after the mediators, the David Mark-led reconciliation committee, was near Abuja. There are fears that the PDP would lose the election to the rampaging APC if the party fails to post a rancour free primary election. Even a greater fear is the doom of bet9ja 2019 which looms over whichever party loses the governorship election on July 14.

The raging desperation to have an upper hand showed up at the ward congresses, with pockets of skirmishes recorded across the state.

The PDP has its destiny hanging on the precipice of Tuesday's primaries. Given the benefit of APC's black Saturday, the PDP would do well to tread softly as delegates file out behind their candidates.

The national leadership of the PDP has a peculiar interest in what happens during the primaries. Mr Adeyeye had told PREMIUM TIMES in one of his interviews that the outcome of the Ekiti and Osun primaries would determine the PDP's fortunes in the 2019 general election. The desire to return to power at the centre, given its current predicament, may inform the compass that the party would use in handling the conduct of its aspirants in the exercise.

Mr Mark has persistently appealed to the governor and other players to calm down and ensure that peace reigns after the primaries for the party to retain a high ground for a resounding victory in July. He held several meetings with the stakeholders and got them to agree that a candidate must emerge in a free and transparent election.

Mr Adeyeye and Mrs Olujimi agreed that provided Mr Fayose allows a transparent process, the candidate who emerges on Tuesday would get their support. Mr Fayose, although bet9ja confident that his "candidate" would win, also assured members of the party that should Mr Adeyeye get majority of the votes of the delegates, he would get his support for the July 14 election.

There is also the hope that the Governor Ifeanyi Okowa-led organising committee, would be fair enough to provide the modalities that would forestall or curtail an overwhelming advantage by the governor of Ekiti State, even though it is taken that the governor would, as a matter of certainty, wield so much influence to protect his own political interest.

"Adeyeye, Olujimi and others are free to contest. The PDP belongs to all of us . But let me say this , I stand with Prof Olusola, he is my candidate," said Mr Fayose, in one of his interviews.

"Though I am a leader, but no law says I can't have preference. The only thing that can't happen is for me to manipulate the primary."

Mr Adeyeye's position seems clear. He believes he has the delegates and would win if Mr Fayose does not manipulate the process.

"Nobody can stop my aspiration. I am qualified by age, education and I have the mental capacity to hold any exalted office in Nigeria," were his words of confidence.

However, the PDP's state publicity secretary in Ekiti, Jackson Adebayo, assured that the election would be free and fair, as all arrangements had been made to ensure it was successful.

Ado Ekiti is still drizzling with the tension venting from the failed APC primaries. The PDP's assurances of readiness will not take the place of real commitment to the unity of the party when the delegates file out at the Eagles Centre. It will take the Okowa-led committee genuine discipline and seriousness to enforce the rules and ensure no one is short-changed in the voting process.

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It is actually a amazing what you should understand the guitar. This strengthens greater engine skills, increases creativeness, and minimizes anxiety. In order to practice acoustic guitar and enhance your capabilities, read on.

Make sure you understand the proper way when teaching yourself to play the acoustic guitar. It is essential that you take the time to learn the simple expertise properly. You can do that by getting an educator or book or if you take an internet guitar training course. Just remember to not neglect any lessons.

Move up your program occasionally. Exercise is very important, but process can get dull. You don't desire to get rid of your eagerness for learning, so make sure to consider new stuff regularly. Every once in a while, try a song you cherish or attempt one thing demanding. Don't let your self become bored.

Invest some time studying fundamental acoustic guitar playing capabilities and make on them gradually. Rehearsing the least complicated abilities until finally they may be perfected. Learn how to read through music, have the ability to recognize and enjoy every chord and understand how to tune your guitar. Initially, try out to concentrate on discovering information and scales.

Don't forget to stretch out. Taking part in guitar can in fact be hazardous for your overall health if you are not taking the right safety measures. Find out stretching workouts for the palms. Have them accommodating and function the muscle tissue inside them whenever you aren't practicing the electric guitar. Not extending routinely could lead to damage.

Remaining motivated is an important part about learning how to perform electric guitar. When you begin, enthusiasm will be effortless. But as time moves along and your expertise advance slowly, you might set out to feel as if your activity is a complete waste of time. Establish tiny goals, allow yourself incentives, or find a friend to experience with this will keep you encouraged!

Once you begin to perform the guitar, be sure to rate oneself. You can injury your hands by taking part in acoustic guitar excessive, particularly when you're not used to it. You don't should process for hours. You additionally don't must exercise until you get to flawlessness. Have patience and exercise about twenty or so minutes each day.

Exercise with a metronome. Keeping time is a real problem for novice athletes. Using the metronome is going to help you stay around the beat. It will not be lengthy as well as your exercise could have you maintaining a defeat with no requirement for support.

Try out taking part in basically when you initially start off. Start off discovering with effortless tracks. It might seem foolish to find out tunes from the time you had been a little bit young child, but frequently these simple songs will have one-notice melodies that are easy to play.

Develop your finger strength. New guitarists may go through finger cramps whenever they start off discovering. This is because your fingertips aren't used to the continual motion. Attempt doing straightforward acoustic guitar exercises prior to deciding to enjoy to produce their durability. Several minutes performing a task much like the caterpillar workout will help increase your finger muscle tissues.

Make objectives on your own. Attempt to establish why you want to play. Is there a particular guitarist you wish to play like? Have them in your mind as being a long-term objective. Make smaller, sensible simple-word targets on your way in the direction of your suitable capability. Keep your self encouraged without having allowing your self get discouraged.

Go online to locate tablature of music. Tabs are notably useful for beginners who can't read audio. Tablature can help you learn how to position your fingertips properly when actively playing every chord and will show you exactly when you need to help make chord adjustments. Perform together with a Compact disc when you are considering a tab.

Understand and rehearse the process of strumming your electric guitar. Like that, you will learn chords and start mixing them effectively. It is going to help smooth transitioning between chords. Spend ample time finding out how to strum, mainly because it has lots of programs.

Consider learning how to read songs. This helps your instrument enjoying, particularly if you are able to read the remarks that are enjoyed in a acoustic guitar single. Learning how to read tunes can also help you learn how to play chords. You'll find that your taking part in is much easier when you are able go through a little bit mustic.

You can actually realize that there is much to learn in relation to actively playing acoustic guitar. You really should improve your fingering, grasp a whole new technique, or prepare your very own tunes. Utilize the suggestions listed above for additional details on actively playing the guitar well.

If you have any type of concerns relating to where and how to use secret guitar teacher, you can call us at our web page.
Install a live online poor radio reception program on your smartphone. Florio and now I have been using TuneIn Radio for Android, which lets you browse and listen to 50,000 radio stations. Browse by genre or place. TuneIn enables you to create app presets beforehand using its desktop website.

Listening to Internet Radio at Your Car With a Smartphone. Then that is probably going to be simplest to deliver Internet radio into your car, when you've got a smartphone using a information program that is decent. And if you already have some method of connecting your phone to a head unit, then that's even better--all you have to do is link the telephone as you would normally, download the right Internet radio app, and you're ready to go.

Listening to Internet Radio in Your Car With a Smartphone. Here's more regarding signal strength visit our website. When you have a smartphone with a information program that is adequate , then that's likely going to be easiest, least expensive way to deliver Internet radio into your vehicle. And in case you already have some way of connecting your cellphone to a head unit, then that is even better--all you need to do is link the phone as you would usually, download the right online radio app, and you are ready to go.

Use a Bluetooth portable in-car speakerphone. Reader Mike Florio employs a Motorola T505 device that he has paired with a smartphone through Bluetooth. The T505 to output its own Bluetooth-obtained audio on an FM frequency, to was put by him. Belkin makes devices that offer operation that is similar -- they plug into the telephone's speaker jack though. Be aware that in cities with a crowded group, results may be mixed. Florio has also had success throughout the West, and I have employed the Belkin product in rural France.

Internet radio might not have received a great deal of press services such as Pandora rolled out, but also the medium has actually been around, in one form or other. The first traditional radio stations started experimenting with Internet streaming from the early 1990s, the now-maligned leader of streaming media, RealAudio, showed up on the landscape in 1995, and also apps for example NullSoft's Winamp allowed anyone with a decent Internet connection to make their very own digital radio station by the late 1990s.

You may also access Internet poor radio reception in your vehicle with a head unit which includes Internet wireless performance and a separate hotspot, or even a tethered telephone, which is an option. Some cars come with built-in WiFi hotspots that may share a connection for your other device and also OEM head units that could access Internet radio.

In case you were so inclined needless to say, throughout most of the history of online radio, tuning intended chaining yourself to a personal computer -- or even a WiFi-enabled Internet radio apparatus. It was only when the rise of the smartphone, and also developments in the cellular infrastructure that allowed Internet links, that listening to Internet radio in the head became a thing. With those pieces in place, there are many different different ways you listen to Internet radio in your car -- and can dump radio -- or your Satellite radio subscription. And if you do, then you'll discover that the listening options that start up are pretty much endless.
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John Ugbe, managing director, Multichoice Nigeria, says the production team of the Big Brother Naija reality show was made up of 90% Nigerians.

In an interview with journalists on the sidelines of Digital Dialogue conference in Dubai, Ugbe talked about the recently-concluded Big Brother Naija, DStv’s charges, the pay-TV model, social responsibility programmes, rain fade which is caused by bad weather, among other issues.

What is your reaction to the assertion that 170 million votes from BBNaija came exclusively from SMS, thereby yielding profit in the billions?

JU: There has been a lot of focus on the figure 170million, but to set the record straight; 170million votes came from 49 African countries, and more than 90% came from online voting. Under 2% of the entire votes came from SMS voting. Nigeria is the only country that was enabled to vote via SMS. The actual revenue generated from SMS voting could not be further from the much-touted purported figure. Over and above, the administration and platform set up costs, the majority of the profit went directly to the GSM and data service providers.

Is there a way to ensure BBNaiija is domiciled in Nigeria so that all the economics of the hosting and its associated benefits come to Nigeria?

JU: Tinsel is domiciled in Nigeria and shown all over Africa. We just premiered a new epic series in Lagos. For this, we built an entire village from scratch to portray the realities of a village setting. Our group of channels are called Africa Magic to reflect our African heritage. Nigeria has the biggest movie industry that is why our productions are domiciled in Nigeria. For Hotel Majestic, we had to take over a hotel in Nigeria for two years as a set. It’s a lot of investment. Big Brother demands a lot of complexities and outfitting a house. For the Big Brother shows, we set up one facility for Nigeria, Angolan and other editions. It makes sense from a production perspective. It is impractical to replicate sets across our operations in 49 African countries. We choose the best location for each specific production. Big Brother Naija’s production team is made up of 90% Nigerians even though it wasn’t set in Nigeria - so a good deal of skills transfer occurs. Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) comes to Nigeria every year. Speaking as a Nigerian and an advocate of Nigeria, we keep looking at what it will entail to run it locally.

Have you considered implementing a ‘pay as you consume’ model considering that work and life schedules make it difficult to catch shows without steady power?

JU: From a producer’s perspective - we have to buy the movie in full and we have to buy enough content to fill the channel and put it on air. That’s what the pay-TV model prescribes anywhere in the world. We have to aggregate content for our different packages, this means ensuring there is something for everyone on the package depending on your interest and pocket strength. But there is a good spread of a variety of content across all packages. Everyone thinks of today. From day one, you have to buy enough movies to make up the channel and sell that package to one person. It’s a risk as bet9ja you cannot determine if after buying content, only one or ten people will subscribe. If only one person does, you cut your losses and move on, but you continue to invest in content with the hope that more people will be interested in watching.

Regarding breaking off viewing according to your availability, the challenge is in the model of the business. We don’t know when your decoder is on or off. That makes it impossible to say I want to start billing because this customer has started viewing.
Pay as you go is a mobile network term. The mobile operators have the technical resources to measure what is being used. For pay-Tv on the other hand, it is not the same thing. Last August, the Mayweather vs. McGregor Boxing match was delayed for close to 3 hours. The reason it was delayed is because of the technicalities of pay-per-view in the US. Pay-per-view for a fight like that would be $99 - that is more than your one-month subscription on Premium - about double. However, we buy the fight and aggregate it for our Premium subscribers, who were able to record it, even when the live event did not happen on schedule. What we encourage our subscribers to do is download DStv Now, and you can watch all the content on your current subscription on the go, on your phone or tablet. You do not have to be bound by availability of power. Catch Up is there… Get it before the World Cup so it’s right there on your phone and your iPad and your laptop. Those are the innovations we’ll continue to make.

What social responsibility programmes do you invest in as an organisation?

JU: We focus on education, health and youth and economic empowerment. Our MultiChoice Resource Centre project is our
education initiative that we have been active with for over 14 years. What we do here is work with the governments in each state to select beneficiary schools. We then provide audio-visual equipment (which include a dish, decoder with educational channels, TV, generating set, tables, chairs, UPS), to bring learning and the school’s curriculum to life. We set up our education package in the chosen schools, train the teachers on how to select relevant programs intended to illuminate and animate information that would otherwise have remained theoretical or textbook based. The MRCs are present in over 400 schools across 33 states in Nigeria, tens of thousands of students have benefitted from these centres since inception. The feedback has been astounding. The rate of passing school leaving exams has improved. Several beneficiary students have gone on to become medical doctors, lawyers, and a good number are working in several other professions, as a result of this foundation that changed how they learn and retain information. I have experienced how this centre is used and saw how students responded when they saw how a tsunami actually happens. They saw it happen on our platform and this made it easier for them to imagine how destructive a tsunami could be.

Also in terms of education, we have partnered with Eutelsat for many years to roll out DStv-Eutelsat Star Awards, a satellite-based competition for secondary school students across Africa. The students are required to answer questions on how satellites can be used to improve processes, the advantages of satellite and so on. These questions need to be answered through an essay or a poster. Last year, a Nigerian; Emmanuel Ochenjele emerged overall winner from the poster category. He met a real life astronaut - Claudie Haignere, right here in Nigeria, and not long ago, he returned from Paris, as part of his winning prize, where he went to the Eutelsat headquarters to witness how rockets are assembled. This has changed his perspective forever.

We implement our health responsibility by supporting the Sickle Cell Foundation. We have been partners for many years. We support them because the statistics of how sickle cell anaemia affects Nigerians paints a dire picture. The foundation seeks funds to carry out research, treat and inform sufferers. Their key objective is creating awareness on how to minimize its effects, research on how to avoid and ultimately cure the ailment. On our part, we offer support through creating awareness, which we do on an ongoing basis through educational videos, community outreach programs, fundraising and other initiatives to support them in what they do.

Our GOtv Boxing Next Gen clinics support the growth of boxing, which we brought out of near extinction in Nigeria. Over and above the boxing matches which provide an avenue for the boxers to earn a living, the clinics provide tips on welfare, training and psychological support to these young ones. Some of the young boxers were picked from our Next Generation Search (for talented and passionate amateurs), they have now proven themselves in mainstream boxing and have won millions over the years. Ultimately, we train them to go professional, so that one of our boxers can proudly fly the Nigerian flag internationally.

Is it possible to put my subscription on hold when I travel for a month?
JU: Yes we have made it possible for you to do that. You can put your subscription on hold when you travel for up to two weeks each time, twice a year. One of the things we thrive on is technology. The dual view decoder was first introduced in the world by MultiChoice. Digital Satellite TV (DStv) was only second after the US. When we build the DTT network we had Russians coming to study it. We look to the future for what is possible to do.

Recently, MultiChoice ran a promo asking subscribers to pay for two months and get one month free, but there were complaints from customers who didn’t get the promised month. What is your response to this?

JU: It is true that we ran a retention offer late last year. When we received feedback that some customers did not get the free month on schedule, we identified those customers that were affected and we fixed it. We introduced a new process which helps to identify those who received the offer, and ensure that get the benefit immediately.

Additionally, in terms of improving on technology, we upgrade our decoder software from time to time to improve customer viewing experience. We ran a free swop campaign where we asked customers to bring in obsolete decoders for a free swop. It’s all in line with always striving to improve our offers to our customers. We bet9ja also introduced tollfree lines a few years ago. These numbers are available on our website and social media care platforms. On Twitter, the address is @DStvNgCare.

Is the call centre 24 hours? DStv should have a 24-hour call centre.

JU: This is bet9ja good feedback and something we tested in December. However, there are a few challenges with labour laws. So we’ve been looking at how best our customers can reach us at any time of the day. We will communicate changes and updates in due course.

The strength of your signal is still a problem, especially when it rains. Why is that the case?

JU: To shed some light on that, it is called rainfade. Satellite signal from the KU Band is susceptible to weather. I have taken pictures of my TV screen when I’ve been in New York or other parts of the world and I experienced interruption as a result of bad weather. It’s not a bet9ja Nigerian problem. Your DSTV will work even with 40% signal. There is a need to boost the signal to have less interruption. We also make available quality cables to reduce interference. If rain comes in it will affect the quality. We recommend getting a certified installer to conduct regular checks to verify signal strength. Also, some dishes have not been checked in up to five years. Regular checks ensure that your dish works optimally, thereby reducing rainfade.
Star Trek inspired a lot of Americans to go into science and to the moon. What does Big Brother inspire among Nigerians?

JU: We are in pay TV, we are in entertainment. Entertainment is a mix of fun, inspiration and education. Remember, reality TV is reality. This is what happens. The fact that they are on TV doesn’t change it. Entertainment can inspire in a variety of ways. A lot of people have come out of Big Brother and have grown into entertainment powerhouses. It’s a platform for exposure and advancement.

Furthermore, we have a lot of educational and kids content. We ask our viewers to set up parental guidance so you can control what your child views.

The parents have and have always had the control. Kids, these days, have smartphones and can download anything, but the blame is often put on TV. You can opt out of a channel or block it completely at any time. We put the power into your hands. And back to Big Brother, we can learn from their interaction in the house. They have tasks that promote nationalism, patriotism. You see those contestants singing the national anthem proudly. When they talk about malaria day, we use it as an opportunity to educate. A lot of the tasks are subtle but meant to inspire and lead.

music royalties advanceEstablishing a brand new web site for the new product? Then you must be cracking your head considering from the various techniques that must be employed to be able to make guests like your web site. Want to know a easy trick? Spice up your website by utilizing songs, Sound Exchange Royalties effects, images and such. But bear in mind, you'll be able to only use royalty free of charge music! Never commence stealing and illegally downloading tracks. Do check out a few of the positive aspects of using royalty free sound effects.

Royalty free sound effects should be used whenever you are carrying out a project for any client and such. You could have wanted to utilize the track from Justin Timberlake's album, but you're not permitted to do so. The cause is merely since these tracks have copyrights laws. Should you use them, like whenever you are setting a brand new website for the client, then you definitely are really 'stealing' these tracks. And worst, you can be charged with infringement too.

So the most effective solution is to use royalty free sound effects or tracks. Royalty free of charge sound effects are not completely totally free. You got a pay just a little sum when you wish to purchase them. But hey! It's certainly worth your money as these tracks or sound effects that are bought may be utilized again and again. There is no limit to it. As you are the purchaser, you have each of the rights to utilize these tracks at your own discretion.

But you need to be considering, why use these royalty free of charge sound effects when they are not even totally free 'literally'.

Nicely, initial items very first, by utilizing royalty free sound effects, you would not have to worry about acquiring into problems with the law. The last point that you would need to occur would be to get your clientele in difficulty because of you for making use of songs 'illegally'.

Secondly, you will find plenty of royalty free of charge sound effects and tracks available on the web. Hence, even when you're nearing a deadline and require a track or sound effect, you can simply download them and use them on the spot.

Thirdly, all sound effects are available for you personally. All you have to do would be to search for them. From sound from the human heartbeat for the sounds in the birds chirping, from sounds in the whirling wind for the droning from the planes, it really is all obtainable.

Fourthly, in the event you actually wish to use a track that sounds like the a single from Justin Timberlake's album, you can actually search for it! There are royalty totally free sound effects and tracks available inside the Internet which can be produced by professional composers. So now, you can possess a JT sound-alike track playing anytime your website loads up.

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You will find numerous rewards you are able to reap whenever you use royalty free music. And not forgetting, these royalty totally free sound effects may be edited, mix and matched with other tracks such that it creates your preferred sound impact. Is this cool or what?
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